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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Le Chef's News

Mystery author and reviewer, Carl Brookins just interviewed Le Chef, you can read it here...

Also, he's doing another live broadcast on the internet so join him if you can for stories and videos from my research, excerpts from the latest China Thriller to be published in the USA (SNAKEHEAD) and a live Q&A chat session. You can find it here:


there will be two shows, at the following times around the world...

EST: 10am & 1pm
CST: 9am & Noon
MST: 8am & 11am
PST: 7am & 10am

UK: 3pm & 6pm

Central Europe: 4pm & 7pm

Bangkok, Thailand: 10pm & 1am

Beijing, China: 11pm & 2am

Perth, Australia: midnight & 3am

Sydney, Australia: 2am & 5am
If you click on the above link at the moment you'll find some video clips of the last broadcast. And if you miss next Sunday's broadcast, you'll be able to catch repeat viewings afterwards - you'll just miss the live Q & A.
Let's hope it all goes more smoothly than the last one!!!

Sunday, April 05, 2009

North Korea launches missile... but what kind of missile?

Ballistic missile?
Innocent satellite?
I don't know - okay it's a bit blurry - but the photograph I've seen, I think, leaves us in no doubt.
What have the North Koreans sent into space?
Well, it looks to me suspiciously like a bottle of Guinness...