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Saturday, April 02, 2005

...and all before breakfast, at that.

So, this morning, in between having a shower and planning the WTA (World Tour of America), it was beholden upon me to go and feed the neighbour's cat. He's gone off on a trip and I've to look after Coco for 18 days. "He" being the neighbour and "Coco" being the cat.

But last night and this morning, we've been hit by some very high winds. And when I got round to the neighbour's house, after calling on the cat to come, I got to the top of the stone staircase to discover that the huge glass jar containing the cat biscuits, had been blown over.

So there we were. Glass and biscuits all over the top of the stairs, and one very excited cat bounding into the middle of it.

I don't have to describe what happened next, do I?

Yep - there I am.... trying to separate wild hungry cat from biscuitfest and potential internal laceration, while he's delivering some external lacerations to me. At least I think it was him, it could have been the shards of glass.

All the big bits of glass, I could gather up quite quickly - I soon got into a rhythm of throwing Coco down the stairs, and turning back to grab some glass while he bounded back up and leapt back into the sea of biscuits.

The lethal stuff was all the little pieces, mixed in with the food, embedding itself in my cuticles.

Anyway, suffice to say that it took a while but it's over now. I think Coco got a portion of food without glass in the end.

And now, before I can get back to work on the WTA, e-mailing more bookstores and libraries, then updating Le Chef's website to announce the dates, the marketing of our extra writing Course this summer, the making of cups of tea, coffee, lunch and dinner for Le Chef, who is writing another book right now, not to mention doing a laundry so that he won't be writing in the nude tomorrow, and the hundred other things on the "To Do" list.... it's almost time for the Assembly General of our hamlet.

This is about the restoration of the bread oven. You'd think now that it's restored that would be the end of it. But no, now that it's restored we have to plan the grand opening and the firing up and the celebrations.... and there's also the matter of the annual election of office bearers. Which I suppose I should be excited to be a part of since it's the nearest I get to exercising my democratic right in this country which takes my taxes but does not allow me to choose the president.

Of course they arranged the meeting for a Saturday morning because, I guess, they thought nobody would have anything to do on a Saturday morning.

They haven't seen my "To Do" list.